Welcome and thank you for comming to my webpage. This webpage will act as a hub for the different things I am doing and different places to contact me.


The Programming tab allows you to see all of the projects I am currently working on, projects I will be working on, and my accomplishments.


The Fandom tab will give you more background knowledge about the furry fandom, as I am a proud member and it will allow you to know me better. Not only will it allow you to know more about me, but you will also learn about a fun fandom that you could enjoy yourself. I will also be posting some of the cool stuff I find in the fandom. check it out!

Other Media

The Other Media tab is a great way to see other places I appear online and different ways of getting in contact with me. I would appreciate any feedback positive or negative. I also like making friends and making conversation, so if you ever need anyone to talk to dont be afraid to send me a message.


The Gaming tab is a good place to find my gamer tags and see what games I play. If you are interested send me a message or friend request and I will try to keep this page updated with different high scores of myself and possibly other players if they are interested and we could get a leaderboard going.